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07 Apr Tips for Women Trying to Conceive

  • Take plenty of folic acid

    Folic acid is a vitamin that has been proven to reduce risks of having abnormal babies, especially defects in the nervous system such as brain and spinal cord. It is rich in dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach and Kai Lan), oranges and limes, nuts and legumes such as long beans. The vitamin is water soluble; to preserve the vitamin, steam or cook the vegetables in small quantity of water.
  • Stop Smoking and alcohol

    Cigarette and alcohol are bad for developing babies in the womb. You may consider reducing the intake of caffeine in tea or coffee although a small amount generally does not affect fertility.
  • Take a balance diet

    The sooner you eat well the more likely you may get pregnant. Foods and fertility are linked and a balanced diet will improve your chances of conceiving and deliver a healthy baby. Eat several servings of fruits vegetables, grains and milk every day. All the vitamins and minerals such as iron are important for developing baby. However, over-the counter multivitamins may contain mega doses of vitamins and minerals. Taking too much of these may cause more harm than good to the developing baby. Eating enough nutrients will ensure that you get regular periods making it easier for you to predict your fertility window.
  • Find your ideal body weight
    Being over-weight or under-weight may make it difficult to conceive. Besides overweight women tend to get more pregnancy and birth complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Underweight women, on the other hand, tend to deliver a low birth weight baby with complications. Start a good eating plan choosing low-fat, high fibre foods. If you are overweight, do not take slimming pills. Instead, do regular exercises aiming to lose 1-2 pound a week. Crash dieting is not a good way to start a pregnancy either.
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