aLife Singapore | Testimonies from student volunteers from Ngee Ann Poly BA Cares
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17 Nov Testimonies from student volunteers from Ngee Ann Poly BA Cares

Teow Kang Yan

BA Cares has been partnering with aLife to organize events for the children monthly. As a committee member, I was able to plan exciting activities for the children. After every session, it was very heartwarming to see the bright smiles radiating off the children’s faces. One of the most memorable times was when I was doing sand art with one of the children. During that session with her, we bonded over her pony figurine which allowed me to learn more about her.  All in all, I am amazed at how friendly the children at the Caterpillar Club are to new volunteers. My experiences at aLife has allowed me to develop my character and I will cherish the time spent with the children!

Amelia Tan

After volunteering at aLife Caterpillar Club monthly, I would have to say that I really enjoy the children’s company. Every month, when we plan events for children, we focus on what most children would enjoy doing. We usually have games, sports, handicrafts or even movie sessions for them. Seeing the children learning new crafts which they have not done before, playing and bonding with the volunteers, warms my heart as I know that they are enjoying the activities planned for them. Through communicating with the children, I have also got to know most of them better and I learnt a lot from them too. After attending several events, I have learnt to be much more patient and understanding towards others and also to be open-minded and flexible. Time spent with the children have been memorable and enjoyable for me!


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