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07 Apr Reflection Of Motherhood

Motherhood. Screaming kids in the malls who seem all out to embarrass their parents. Chubby little tykes who melt your heart.

Whatever it may be, being a mother is very much a role that you grow into, rather than something we do. I often hear friends (especially those who are single or yet to have kids!) and people at large associating motherhood with diapering, sleep deprivation, constant crying and what have you. It seems all hard work and dull, ah-soh-looking days.

Having gotten myself into that rite of passage just over four months ago and hearing my friends say “Happy Mothers’ Day” to me, I realized it is not all bad. Seriously, the diapering, sleep deprivation and constant crying are here to stay but more importantly, looking at my smiley four-month old son made me realize there is nothing more in the world that matters to me than him. Indeed, he is not just a bundle of joy but also a labour of love for me.

Staying home with him full-time initially made me wonder if that was the best thing to do, given my restless nature and feelings of how much I may be missing out if I were out working. Stressful moments of handling a crying baby did not help. But over time, as he grew, I grew into my role as well. Listening to his every coo, seeing him suck his thumb for the first time, having him reach out for his rattle, jumping for joy when he first turned over – these priceless moments in time would never return. Opportunity costs they call it.

Has motherhood changed my life? Yes, profoundly. It has changed my priorities (what used to matter to me seems so insignificant now), the way I view life, the way I see myself. It is an exciting journey of discovering who I am as much as who he is. Oh yes, it has definitely changed my clothes size and the image I see in the mirror and yup, I had wanted some form of slimming program to get into my jeans. Then again, who’s complaining? With a loving husband and my little angel, who needs to be a size 8?

(We thank Sharon Tay for contributing this story and sharing her experience.)

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