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23 Nov My journey with the caterpillar club by Givari

I have been in the Caterpillar Club for 4 years now as I joined back in 2012. Throughout these 4 years, I have gained wonderful experiences that are truly valuable to both me and my brothers.

Every Saturday, the club would organise many  different activities for us to take part in. When we first started, the club offered activities for free such as Taekwondo, which was really engaging as it was me and my brother’s first time taking part in a martial art as we couldn’t do so previously due to financial strains. Over time, activities such as dancing, drama and even clay-making were offered to the children of the caterpillar club to engage them during the holidays. This is something that I feel, is very beneficial for us as it enabled us to make good use of our holiday period by learning and equipping ourselves with new and interesting skills. These skills would come to be applied for a concert conducted by the club, where the children would brave the stage to showcase their acts in a performance such as a play, a dance or even a football juggling display.
During special occasions, such as a festival, the club would conduct lessons to teach us more about the such events and allow us to participate in activities which are relevant to the festivals. For example, we would learn make lanterns and even get a taste of mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moreover, the club puts in much effort to conduct an annual Christmas celebration, an event which my brothers greatly look forward to every year for the gifts and performances.
Learning journeys and trips such as those to  The Mint Museum and the Gardens By The Bay gave me the chance to explore wondrous new things and visit places which I once wasn’t able to. On the academical aspect, the club offered tuition conducted by students from various junior colleges, which my younger brother personally feel was effective as shown in his gradual and distinct improvement in his mathematics.

With all due reasons, I strongly feel that the club has benefitted me in many different ways, such as how it has exposed me to a pool of opportunities that I would often not be able to obtain. The club offering various different activities in an environment that values respect, compassion and discipline, has truly had a positive impact in my life.
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