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07 Apr My Journey to a Bundle of Joy

My husband and I are delighted to announce the arrival of our baby boy, Aloysius Yeo Zheng Yu, in June 2006. The journey of this successful pregnancy was a breeze. However, we suffered from two losses before. I hope my story will encourage those who are trying to conceive after their loss to keep on trying. Never give up! Most importantly, take care of your health. It takes two hands to clap, meaning the health of both the husband and wife are important.

2004 was a difficult year for me and my husband. I was trying to get over a depression due to the stress at work when I found out that I was pregnant in Aug 04. I had fast growing fibroids which was not favourable for the pregnancy. We had many comments and suggestions from our families about the pregnancy. We were in a dilemma, and sought advice from a few doctors before we found Dr. Chew. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in Oct 04. I had a myomectomy and D&C. After the surgery, I was told that I was also suffering from endometriosis too. The loss and the fact that I might face difficulties in getting pregnant again made my depression worse. This was when I got to know about aLife through Dr. Chew. He advised us to go for counselling. We met up with Jennifer a few times at aLife. She gave us some very useful tips on how to cope with the loss and depression, which I remembered and had used them many times whenever the sadness got on me. Dr. Chew also showed his concern and counselled me when I went for my check-up. I also attended many seminars and courses, and read several books, to keep myself informed and to help myself. I started to believe in if I do not want to help myself, nobody can. I also read through aLife’s informative website frequently. I am thankful that aLife’s website ( existed. It took us a few months to get over the loss.

With Dr. Chew’s and Jennifer’s encouragement, we decided to start trying for a baby again. We went through several cycles of emotional ups and downs. Unfortunately, I had an ectopic pregnancy in July 05. At the moment when Dr. Chew told me that I need to go through a laparoscopy and D&C, I was filled with disappointment and was scared of the pain from the surgery that I have to go through again. Dr. Chew was very assuring. Everything happened so fast. After the first episode of miscarriage, and after all the counselling sessions, and the courses that I had attended, I could manage my feelings better this time. I have to look forward to the future, and learn from the past. The past does not equate the future. And accept the inevitable. The loss is certainly with sadness and nightmares, but it was not as bad. My husband and I got over it very fast. I focused on getting my health back for the next pregnancy. I am glad and thankful that I found a very positive environment with many friends at WBG, which had also helped me in my mental well-being.

Every time I saw Dr. Chew, he kept telling me that “You can get pregnant. Don’t give up.” In Oct 05, I missed my menses. I tested positive at home. I was filled with disbelief and nervousness. My husband and I were rather apprehensive about the pregnancy. In the beginning, my mind kept wondering whether it was going to be another D&C. However, I kept telling myself that I have to be positive about it. I started shopping for books on pregnancy, and I concentrated on carrying out the “tai jiao” techniques from books. Being well informed and having a positive mindset have certainly helped me in going through this pregnancy with happiness, confidence and with ease. Our baby boy was born on 6 June 06 by c-section at 38 weeks and 2 days.

We would like to thank Dr. Chew, Jennifer and the staff of aLife for their patience, care and concern, and emotional support through these two years. Thank you very much…

Lastly, to those who are trying for babies: Keep trying and may God bless you with a baby soon. Jia you!

August 2006

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