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07 Apr Made in Japan!

We have married for 7 years and Chun Hui is our first child.

Sincerely we would like to thank aLife for leading us towards having Chun Hui.

We are working couples. Beside working on our career, we also has pressure in supporting our aged parents. We were busy and are still busy as of today…

After five years of marriage, we started to get anxious about not having a baby. Upon consulted several gynaecologists, we were made known that both of us were nothing “wrong” (have all the criteria to have baby). This has made us more anxious.

Fortunately, I came across aLife through my community activities circle. We started to attend counselling sessions and seminars. Wow! It was refreshing. Beside learning a lot about pregnancy and fertility, we also learnt to become a better husband and wife. The “busy” mindset has changed to more “lovely” and “enjoyable” marriage life.

After our trip to Japan, then came Chun Hui. She is, in fact, “Made in Japan” and…… without aLife’s advice, guidance and seminars, we don’t think we can make this happen.

Special thanks to Jennifer and crew.

P.S. Special highlight : aLife’s seminars are not only Super cheap, but also provide an avenue for me to learn from other couples.

Sharing by Yeoh Cheik How and Tan Keat Koon
August 2006

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