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07 Apr Fertility and Age

The age of a woman can affect her chances of conception considerably. Statistics have shown that the optimal age for conception in females is between 22-26 years old. Fertility decreases steadily after 30 years old with a rapid decline after 40 years old. This is because the quality of egg deteriorates significantly with age. However, these statistics serve only as a general guideline and there are exceptional cases.

It is estimated that one in every 3 couples in which the wife is aged 35 and above will have problems with fertility and 2/3rd of women will not be able to conceive after 40 years of age.

As for the male, the testes tend to get slightly smaller and softer with age. The quality of the sperm also tends to deteriorate with age although not as drastic as seen in the egg. Decline in sexual drive and difficulty in achieving erections in older men are also important factors in affecting chances of conception.

Studies have shown that men aged 40 and above have significant lower fertility rate than younger men. Risks of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities in the babies also increase.

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