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22 Mar I am 30 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My obstetrician tells me that my tummy is big with excessive “amniotic fluid”. He says that I have “polyhydramnios”? What is Amniotic fluid? What does it do? What are the causes of polyhydramnios? Is it serious?

When you are pregnant, your baby grows in a bag filled with fluid. The sac is called amniotic sac and the fluid, amniotic fluid. Initially, amniotic fluid is produced by the mother  through the blood circulation. Soon, the baby starts to swallow the fluid and passes it...

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19 Feb I am trying to conceive and understand that eating plenty of leafy green vegetables and fruits will help improve my chances of conception. But I am worried about the food safety especially with so many scandals in the media recently. Can pesticides affect my fertility and that of my husband? How can I reduce exposure to these chemicals?

Your concern regarding the food safety of pesticide residues on the vegetables and fruits is important. Indeed, pesticides do affect human fertility. In our present world, pesticides are ubiquitous. They are used to protect crops against insects, weeds, fungi and other pests. They are present on...

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