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05 Jun Hair loss after delivery

Q. I have just delivered my baby four months ago. I have noticed that my hair has started to shed more than usual. Is this normal? What is the cause? Is there anything I should worry about? A. It is a normal phenomenon that many mothers...

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15 May Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Maternal nutrition during pregnancy will affect the growth of the foetus as well as its future health.  A well-balanced diet should consist of an appropriate amount of carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. In choosing what to eat during pregnancy, it is important to know...

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08 May Endometriosis Diagnosis

Recently, I was diagnosed with endometriosis which was confirmed by laparoscopy (fig 1). But I was perplexed why during my annual check-up two months ago, the ultrasound scan of my pelvis reported that there were ” no abnormalities seen in the uterus and ovaries”. Could...

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